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Oasis Hospital has been serving the residents of the Eastern Region and beyond since 1960 at the invitation of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. Our shared beliefs and values carry this tradition forward for generations to come.

First Private Hospital Accredited in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi
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When the founders of Oasis Hospital, Drs. Pat and Marian Kennedy first arrived in November of 1960, at the invitation of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and his brother Sheikh Shakhbut, the infant mortality rate in Al Ain was 50%, and the maternal mortality rate was 35%. Because of this and other endemic diseases like tuberculosis, malaria, eye diseases, intestinal parasites, etc., the population of Al Ain was actually declining and in need of organized healthcare.

By the grace of God, and with the assistance of their small team, the Kennedys were able to provide the first modern healthcare in the region. In 1964, they constructed the first cement block building in Al Ain which created 20 patient rooms, a nurses' station/nursery, and a utility room. The hospital was the sole source of medical treatment for the patients of Al Ain.  Soon  after opening, the staff was seeing nearly 200 patients per day.

Other physical developments followed including a delivery suite, x-ray facilities, additional patient rooms, and staff housing in the early 1970's. Obstetrics, Surgery and Children's Health facilities were built in 1985 and the hospital even now continues to make for new growth.

Drs. Pat and Marian Kennedy served here until 1975 and their efforts to bring hope and renewal to the community of Al Ain are still alive today. Other long term staff members of Oasis Hospital who left a legacy of compassion and excellent medical care include: the late Gertrude Dyck, nurse and author of the book The Oasis (Motivate Publishing), Janice Shafer, Margaret Paisley,  Bernita Missal, Nancy Brock, Dr. Larry Liddle and his wife Marilyn Liddle, and Ruth Feldmann. **

Current staff that have been here for a number of years include Ibrahim Gul Dost, V.V. David, Jayaprakash, and Thomas Kutty. These dedicated individuals and their commitment to this community have made Oasis Hospital what is today. Their compassion continues to inspire the Oasis family to provide the best care possible.

** Historical dates and references in this section are excerpts from the book: The Oasis, by Gertrude Dyck. Published in 1995 by Motivate Publishing, Dubai.